Junior Achievement volunteers are the backbone of the organization -we couldn’t do it without them!  More than 450 people throughout the state help the organization in some way – on councils, in the classroom, on the board, at special events and as fundraisers.  Volunteers are in it for the kids, and their reward sits right in front of them.  Helping young people develop life skills, observing “ah ha!” moments of discovery, and showing them the relevance of school to their lives is inspiring work.  Knowing that you have made a difference in a child’s life is a satisfying feeling.

JA’s unique approach integrates program materials, training, and support.  We put volunteers in positions to succeed.

JA in Maine Classrooms!

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the following and a Program Manager will contact you.



What to Expect

I Want To Become A JA Volunteer, What Happens Next?

First you realize that you have now joined over 108,000 other JA volunteers worldwide, in a program dedicated to educating and inspiring young people to value free enterprise, business and economics to improve the quality of their lives.

Then you get down to work!!

All JA volunteers need to complete and sign a JA Class Volunteer Standards Agreement form.

After the form is received at our office, you will receive a listing of class requests for the school year. You get to choose where and when you volunteer for JA.

All new JA volunteers have the option to attend a VOLUNTEER TRAINING SESSION, which is available upon your request. The Training Sessions are one-hour and provide an insight into JA, the programs, the materials, classroom management techniques and presentation skills. In addition we suggest that you review the online training session prior to teaching a class.

Volunteer Videos

Each volunteer receives a letter or email before the start of the term indicating the name, school, telephone number and email of his/her teaching partner. At that point in time, the volunteer is asked to accept or decline the class placement.

Once a volunteer has confirmed a class placement, the teaching partner receives a letter or email with the volunteer’s name, business if applicable, telephone, and email. The teacher is urged to contact the volunteer within a week.

The volunteer in turn initiates contact with his/her teaching partner. If this proves difficult, please contact the JA office or your local JA Area Board.

After contact between the teacher and volunteer has been established, a meeting date is set.

The first meeting should be a class observation period. This meeting can be a full class period, 35-45 minutes or as short as 20 minutes, but it is very important to observe the class and classroom before you begin presenting JA activities.

REMEMBER to fill out your CLASS REGISTRATION form at the first meeting and send it to the JA office in Portland.

At the first meeting, BRING YOUR DATE BOOK, to set a schedule for your other class visits. If there is a problem with keeping one of the scheduled classes, please contact your teacher and re-schedule. Flexibility is key to a successful JA experience. Illness, bad weather, sudden business trips, teacher workshop days, can turn the best-planned visits upside down.

Finally, it’s time to start your JA programs! A little preparation before each activity, 30 – 45 minutes to look over the materials the night before, a smile and you’re ready to go! HAVE FUN!!