Southern York

Thank you Pratt & Whitney for your financial and volunteer support!

Sanford Middle School teacher, Anders Larson tasked his students with an interesting assignment as a follow up to their “JA Economics for Success” class which all 7th graders participate in each fall.  When you click on this link ….. Where will you be when you reach 30… will take you to a 4-page document.  The first three pages are the instructions given by Anders to his students and the 4th page is the finished product by one of his students.  What a great way to reinforce these important JA lessons!

Southern York Area Board


Paul Bourret, Board Chair
Evonik Cyro LLC
 Mark Beaulieu
Hussey Seating Company
Kimberly LaChance
Goodall Hospital
Richard Stanley
Sanford/Springvale Chamber of Commerce
David Theoharides
Sanford School Department
Denise Vear
Jessie Krall, Esq.
The Law Offices of Jessie Krall